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Reviews for ""Golem vs Mech" - Music"

I love it

Gave me ghostbumps :)
I will definetly listen to this on my mp4 player!
Keep up the great work, and thanks :)

OrphenFire responds:

Thanks for the review :). I'm glad you liked it. Keep the awesome art coming.


Where is this technology that turns pictures into music?? I am blown away by the awesomeness of this, it really captures the mood of the painting. And good choice on choosing 'keepwalking', his work is crazy good :)

OrphenFire responds:

Thanks. I need more people like you to rate/review. Somebody just zerobombed all of my submissions lol.

You're Good

Very Good...Can I ask how you went about composing this and how long it took?

OrphenFire responds:

I start by writing a melody, then I write some filler background strings/brass. Then I do it again with a new melody that makes sense with the first one, and alternate the two. I may add a third main melody and variate between all of them at different intervals and changing little dynamics. Once again, the last thing I add is the percussion. After I'm done, I have one movement. Then, I get to work on the second movement which will usually be in the same key but be an entirely different mode/theme. Sometimes I'll add an allusion to the motif from the first movement. The third movement is usually a rework of the first movement, and the end of the second transitions in to the third. It's an ABA method of classical composition.

Sometimes I finish one movement in about an hour, sometimes it takes several hours. Usually after I finish one, I take a break for a day or two and then work on the next movement. Total work time is typically 5-8 hours over the course of 3 or 4 days. However, sometimes I can take weeks or even months to finish something, but that's unusual. I have a couple of symphonies for which I written one movement almost a year ago, and still haven't worked on the next part lol.