Reviews for "Riding Through The City"


what a relief its like awsome car driving through the city


Definitely feeling this

Nice Track Here!

This is a smooth track that totally fits the title and idea of this song! I really like the way it sounds toward the end, the extra mixing and variation is a good move. Thumbs up on this quickie.

This was pretty nice!!!!

I'm just confused. I saw this song just yesterday on the just submitted 30 somethin' listens, 2 or 3 reviews, & a couple of ratings & then the new best of the week songs come & this song somehow got on number one of best 5 of the week when it was only on like the 20th submitted song.

I mean I don't mean this in a mean way, but what the hell?? How is that even possible. I mean if your song was submitted a couple days ago & was on top 5 then maybe it'd make sense, but this wasn't even on here for a whole day!

Now to the criticizing part. Yeah, this isn't really hip hop, but it's not really techno either. It's a little miscellaneous if you ask me. I mean if the beat was different & had a hard kick then sure, but this is really fast pasced drums. The good part is that this was composed well, simple concept, nice instrumentation, good FX's added to the instruments like the reverb on a couple of them, & that this creates a nice pcture in your head.

Congrats on bein' one of fastest 5 of the week I've ever seen! Good job on this & I expect to see more.
5/5 ( I accidently hit 4, but it still went up) & 9/10

HeavenSent responds:

I don't know how it happened : /

I always ask all of my friends to vote for it when i post a new song on newgrounds, and most of them do. But it got 0 bombed anyway, so I don't know how it got top of the week.

Glad you liked it and thank you for reviewing!

Love It :D

I think youve done a good job on this one, awesome :)

HeavenSent responds:

Thank you for reviewing!