Reviews for "Riding Through The City"

Pretty decent

could use a better bassline and a little more variety. The piano gets tiresome.

I like the melody and the percussion a lot!

Keep up the good work!

Not Bad

There is more potential that this song has, but you did well with it as it is, 7/10 because you missed out on making a great song and accepted good.

nice job

After I heard this I just felt like doing this with your music. Your Link is in the description^^

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjlYRx KwD0w

I'm liking this.

I found this through someone's favorites who favorited one of my tracks haha. I like this though. The beat gets kind of old, but I'd rather you didn't change it, since I can't see it being anything else(ironic amirite?). The melodies here are great, and sooo catchy and warm. It'd be fun to listen to on a nice sunny day. Been planning on making a mix cd for a friend filled with good music of underground artists to show him that the radio plays overrated generic crap. Might throw this in there too. :D


can it just be a bit longer?!!?! its so awesome!