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Reviews for "Squigo 1"


it was a little obvious what was going to happen, but still funny when it did.


Poor Little Guy

He sounds like a puppy

This was interesting to watch because it seemed like a precursor for the "Pencilmation" series. This is still decent in its own right and the animation is pretty impressive for the time. You just know that something bloody is going to happen. You probably shouldn't have a harpoon gun thing to play with in the first place. I like how the red blood contrasts so well with the notebook paper background. The artwork is nice because his whole body seems to be squiggling all the time.

It could have been longer, but shorts can always be good. It really looked like it wasn't going to be a violent cartoon at first. Everything just seemed to be so innocent, until he got out that harpoon/spear thing. I like how he whimpers at the "Replay" credit. You already manage to make your character sympathetic with a brief first episode.


his feet together look like a cock

it was kool

i really liked that awsome blood effects