Reviews for "DBZ fight(unfinished)"

Ok effects, not so great characters

Hey, I was impressed with the effects that you had in there, and was confused about how the effects are like that and the fighters look so awful. You should try going from those sorta brushed stick people to some more realistic looking people.

its cool

its cool a little

Piece of advice


Holy...... SHIT!

I clicked on this, and I looked at the file size, and since it wasnt at least over 1 MB I was pretty much certain this was going to be a DBZ wanna be video that only lasts like 10 seconds... But I was very suprised to find that this was AMAZINGLY good!!! VERY GOOD MAKE MORE PLEEEASE!!! lol

Unfinished movie is unfinished.

You'd better finish it before you submit it. It's a total shame