Reviews for "DBZ fight(unfinished)"

love it

i liked the more zoomed out look, but you could have made the people bigger, aside from that its great, had the same dbz feel :D

Very good!

I believe with some polish and some story this could become a successful series

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I love DBZ so I may be a tad bit biased but that was pretty badass, you did a good job, the only bad thing I could say about it is its lack of length. Ended a bit too son, but yeah, as some other people have already said, it was JUST like DBZ. Very good job, loved it.


Dude! It really seems like DBZ :) Really cool moves, good animation. Keep this up AND FINISH IT ALREADY! Please?... :D Improve it a little and you may even hit the frontpage.

Maybe, that is.


great effects i couldnt do better than that and they move on a dime extremly slick movemonts i think you should finish it then make another one if you make the charecters alittle more detailed you might get a really good score