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Reviews for "TANKMEN .5"

A complete turn around

When I saw Tankmen 1.5 under judgment and saw it wasn't a fake, the first thing I expected to see was a barrage of penis jokes, and unfunny ones at that. I was wrong (thankfully).

This "installment" offered better humor, an actual bit of story, and good animation, a complete turn around from its previous installments.

If future Tankmen flashes are like this, I'll certainly look forward to them.

JohnnyUtah responds:


id say it's most like tankmen 1. 1.5 was a slight departure and 2 was way out there.

but thanks. i think

"And he's never gotten a boner in the shower..."

Yay, my first save from a Tankmen flash. I wasn't voting much beyond my daily exp back in the days of the original and all, though I did watch it as soon as I found out about it. The prospect of flash movies about the tank and tankman from the NG logo was an attractive idea.

I dug the constant switching between what turned out to be two very different recruitment techniques by the two tank crews. I kinda wish we'd gotten to see and hear the "crunchy-crunchy" in the case of the guy who wasn't exactly being recruited all along.

Piece of shit tank? Oh shit. Now it's on.... or... uh... not exactly. EMOTIONAL SLINGS AND ARROWS. Adam Sandler he's not, in any event. Biggest surprise in this flash? I kept expecting that narrow, fragile-looking stone bridge to just... collapse at some point. And hey, does the skeleton in the car have a name? He was the coolest character of all. :::thumbs up:::


Wonderful graphics, wonderful sounds and good voice acting. :)
Also uber funny humor ! ^^

I just love it. ;D

Good luck in further projects :D

PS: how long do you work on such a good flash movie? Ö And is everything made in flash cuz the graphics are just PERFECT ! :)

That's awesome

I've never been around for a premier of something epic and the movie was great too and really funny. Sigh, funny beginnings, funny ends.


thats hilarious! this will definatley get on front page i think.