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Reviews for "Mikami & L are Not Happy"

Oh Yaoi

Damn.......Light they want u.


I'd say that this movie is even better than "Guy Love." Since you're parodying an existing parody by adapting this song to the characters of Death Note, you can't be trying to convey a very serious message. Although I'm sure that it's inadvertent, your work communicates volumes to me. This movie communicates the yearning and frustration that a gay person feels when they passionately love a straight person. I am gay, and to articulate it concisely, your work is inspirational to me.
It's not through melodrama that you're able to convey such meaningful sentiments, but rather through sheer, refreshing humor. I'd say that this is much more difficult, and it transcends the skills of an average person. I commend you for your masterful piece of flash, and for being able to influence me this much. 10/10, and all of my 5 r!

that wus

funny as heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why couldnt you

why couldnt you show l and light kooing timez2876 723087209875097 50989780986943798409 yaoi


No one listens to you, =\ i always find things like this on youtube first.. and i hate when people claim it's their work... Well anyways, this made me laugh, it was really funny : D Nice work.