Reviews for "Zero Hour (2011)"

Loving those drums!! Excellent tune full of metal goodness!!

THIS REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF RED ALERT 2 :D. Dud.. i love you I want to use it in my Intro on Youtube. What should I put so I wouldnt have any copyright problems ?

deadlyfishes responds:

Please read the attribution instructions:


awesome song!

great work, hope to see more from you!

This was so..

I'm happy that we have some really talented musicians on NG.
Also to hear another metal/strings-blend on NG is pretty good.
Looking forward to hear more like that!


Why not 10/10?
Well it's all good but i think after 4:12 it sounds not that good.
That's it!

Keep it up *thumbs up*


The most epical song ive ever heard. kick ass! :D