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Reviews for "Zero Hour (2011)"


I love it! May i ask, Did you use real instruments? Or Virtual?

deadlyfishes responds:

Everything is real. Even the orchestral instruments are sampled from live orchestra, but I didn't have a live orchestra record in it.

hot shit!

All I can say is...JAM MOTHA FUCKA! I love it. Great work on all your transitions and solos.


deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks! Be sure to check out everything else I have on here and on my website!

Bum bum ba-ba-ba bum!

all the good song has a rithim that changes or intensefies during the song...that's the same for this song! 6/5 11/10 :D

Boom Baby!

Hey, I like the message you are conveying with this song and I think you kicked some ass while doing it!

You got some sick rhythms, sweet solos, and the strings only seal the fuckin' deal! Keep it up man!

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it. Check out my website for more awesome music ;D

Near the mark...

As a piece of music, I would rate it a 10/10, you've done awesomely with this track. But I've given it an 9/10 because you were trying to combine all parts of metal. I'm not sure you got EVERYTHING. If you do a revision of this, see if you can jimmy some math metal complicated passage in there, cause I'm hearing more and more of that in metal these day. Also. Um. I didn't hear any instances of that sorta "screech" you hear in a fair bit metal. Like at the end of a passage the guitars just go "wooooorrrp!" Do you know what I mean? I find it hard to explain. But I feel as a collection of everything metal into one song, those sort of elements should be added in there.

But on it's own, this is fucking brilliant. 9/10, 5/5 and downloaded. You sir win at life.

deadlyfishes responds:

I know exactly what you're talking about, but that's not really from the pure essence of the "metal" genre. That's more of what you hear from the newer sub-genres of metal. It's not really trying to convey EVERY style of metal, but it focuses on the core elements of the genre, sure minute elements were excluded, but the point was made and it was done very well. I do have more "metal" that you are referring to on my website! Check it out on my website: matthewpablo.com Thanks again for the review and feedback!