Reviews for "Zero Hour (2011)"


Awh dude, it reminds me of dragon force, lmab of god, in flames.......HNNGGGG Its like sex :D

deadlyfishes responds:

Not a huge fan of Dragon Force, but you pretty much nailed my other influences! Check out my website for more stuff man; www.matthewpablo.com

holy crap

love it. i downloaded this and i listened to this the whole drive to an airsoft game. got me and my friends pumped up and ready to go
well done

deadlyfishes responds:

I'm glad my music is being put to good use!



Are you kidding me?

Alright... um, fuck. How come almost everybody I know has both a dA account and a newgrounds account? In case you don't recognize me, different username and all, I'm ShadowbaneOverload of dA, the guy who hired you for DHRPG also!
Good to see this piece on here, even if I can't help but think that the name of this has a connection with my name...

deadlyfishes responds:

Nice to hear from you again! I hope all is well with your programming and progress with the game.


Never liked metal rock more than this sounds like a theme song for a game about massacres

deadlyfishes responds:

Hopefully it will be used in an awesome game!