Reviews for "The NG Level maze"

I completed

I completed this is like 30 seconds
But then again, I did cheat...
If I were you I would get rid of the cheat.
Good though


it sucks

it sucks dude. Theyre not mazes. Its super easy to just look at where you need to go and trace backwards, and on half the levels you dont need to do that. Really bad game.Not worth playing.

Might enter in the portal history

Really cool. This is a real tribute to newgrounds. Tom Fulp would like this.


left click bug..
when i left click i can just move the cursor through the walls, and then right click when im in goal..
btw.. i won the game, with hacks and without hacks.. its to easy

Nothing too new or interesting...

That kinda shows what it is, not very original, except for the level images, no awesome graphics or anything, it just is boring, sorry.