Reviews for "The NG Level maze"


another game that got the stop at all cost bug
:::::means you lose without touching anything
on level 22

Phil responds:

If that happens then just go through the line really fast. That's what I do


To pass the current level, you need to click the right buttom of the mouse at the beggining and then go the the finish line and press the left button...sorry if my inglish is bad.


It was good but mazes are short still fun maybe u should restart the hole game if they touch the sides u no and put a checkpoint then this game would be better btw is this ur first flash?


But simple is good. Very good. Loved it, keep it up. And make to sixty please (more 2 play xD). I sed plz!!!!

Phil responds:

yes part 2 is coming soon :D

not bad...

make it a REAL maze, then I'll REALLY love this. fun idea.

Phil responds:

yeah wait until you see lv60