Reviews for "The NG Level maze"

beat in a min

it's a cool game sure but, the thing it, if u go on the button, then right click.... you go to the lvl icon and win the lvl, i tried without doing it and it was fun.. hope u fix the bugs :P


It was easy but my mouse is not optical, so I fucked up near the end.

Too easy

DONT READ THIS if you wanna complete the game fair!!

It's an okay game I think, but it's just way to easy.. You can quickly move the mouse out of the game box and quickly place it into the NG level.. so you don't have to take it through the maze, but simply just out of the game and into the finishing icon. It took less than 30 sec to finish this with that methode. If you could correct this it would be great.


THat was awesome man, I likd the style you did. But loop that music!!!

Phil responds:

I know >.<
Better do that soon.
EDIT: Done


RightClick>MouseOverWhatever>ClickOnF inishLine.

Phil responds:

That about sums it up