Reviews for "The NG Level maze"


that was easy.


I found a HUGE cheat: Just right-click somewhere, and then move ya cursor!

Phil responds:

Well done Captain Obvious.

great game

i really enjoyed it, but some levels are a bit easy...
found some glitch, when dieing the music goes on but also starts over so u end up with multiple songs at the same time...
somebody already said, but it's easy to cheat by clicking the right mouse button. try fixing it =)
4/5, 8/10


not bad of a beginner AS writing.... i tried but it didn't work 4 me...

yeah well...

It could use work, there was a lack of power-ups: i mean 2 deity whistles one bronze (which does nothing) and one garbage is hardly sufficient, tediously simple mazes, i mean they were all a bit too easy, a massively complex one or one where you have to find your way in the dark would be nice, finally more moving obstacles would have been good, i know there was one but still again not really sufficient, however that being said, nice game, keep it up.