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Reviews for "FPA: World 2"


It's back! And better then ever. Fancy Pants Man rules!


Awesome everything. The Newgrounds title makes it a bit hard to notice, though.

DrNeroCF responds:

True... so spread the word!

I'm All Dizzy!

I couldn't wait for another one to pop up. I played the first one and yeah I loved it. The music was incredible, the backgrounds were filled to my liking, the artstyle was beyond anything I could imagine, and the subtle gags of originality speaks for themselves.

My favorite part was leaping over that candle. I didn't spot at first, but after seeing what it was - I got that joke. Jack be nimble! Anywho, I didn't want to try and attempt to score the goals. Yeah it would be a challenge, but I rather remember the game the way I played it rather than the frustration trying to get the snail shell into the hole.

I'll say what I said the last time. I like a game to be easy to pickup, easy to complete, have little things you could look for, finding something new the second time you play, and enjoying the ride. I love how I could play this game and think "Where am I going now? Who cares! Let's find out."

See me smiling? No. How about now? =)

DrNeroCF responds:

Awesome! Guess the snailshell challenges worked, then. I wanted something that would be challenging, but not get in the way if someone just wants to play around with the game.


i'm no different

This game is the best Game ever

i w8ed 4 if like for a year or more