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Reviews for "FPA: World 2"

Fancy pants 2 builds on the first games foundation, it adds more levels, an actual plot, and it adds a new move in the form of the slide which is extremely useful when it comes to maintaining momentum. So, why does it suck? Well for starters, the game doesn't even work half the time and this is coming from the guy who likes sonic adventure I got 2 minutes into the game and as soon as I hit a loop, I clipped through the platform I was supposed to land on, the floor, and eventually fell to my death because somehow I clipped through every surface in the level Then when I respawned, I tried running down a slope, only to be stopped dead in my tracks because the level geometry made parts of the floor just steep enough to where the game would act like you hit a wall. This when I jumped over the "wall" I tried to go up a loop, fell inside the wall, and died. This went on 3 more times until I got a game over.

the game is lagging like hell

I love the series, but I can't even play this without lagging through the floor

good but it still lags and i keep falling through the floor if i run

oh the game is not lagging but only a little but i freaking love it