Reviews for "FPA: World 2"


This game was incredible a little hard though. i found an easter egg, if you duck repeatedly, fancy pants will start rocking out!


Awesome game. SEQUEL!!!


Playing this game at first is like playing the old sonic the hedgehog games you are amazed have you thought of mabye trying to see if you can get fancy pants 3 on wiiware after you finish fazer's run^^
Graphics: Not amazing but its a stick figure game it makes a stick figure game have some twist to it like the Killing spree series 9/10
Gameplay; Fun just like sonic the hedgehog I like how you combined gameplay with like speed momentum in like sonic and playing it at first is just so fun like the sonic games except better 10/10
Idea: Its a really good idea I cant wait for #3 10/10
Music: The music is one of the only things I didnt like much It gets a bit repetitive and annoying after A while and the only different music would be in the guest levels 8/10
Overall: Game is very good the gameplay is awesome and its like playing the sonic the hedgehog games for the first ever time. I like how you have guest levels 10/10.
Mabye try to get fancy pants 3 on wiiware if your making one like defend you castle is and Linerider may be wiiware or game... I think this game deserves to be wiiware or a full game I mean I wouldnt pay $50 for it unless you improved so much but like mabye like wiiware you can use your own music and stuff and have a whole bunch of guest levels and stuff!

A beautiful game!

Real quality shit!


What an awsome game Alot better than first one because its a bit harder!