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Reviews for "Daydream +"


this cartoon was good but when that guy talk was that you.Well he was sooo boring why you have to talk about a cartoon.It's just a cartoon.

Very Funny.

I liked this alot and i found the commentary a bit boring but the little bits of speech made up for that.

Liquidsword responds:

Agreed with you there. Thanks.


Wow you've got style.. the commentary was a bit boring but I enjoyed watching it anyway. ^^

Liquidsword responds:



Whoa my name is Chris too..! I love the diagram at the end. Good work. Keep thinking outside the box.

I was daydreaming

I was sitting there and I had just hit play, something on TV caught my eye then I start hearing Chris, Chris, Chirs... MY NAME IS CHRIS!!! I was like WOAH! This think knows my name! Nice.

Liquidsword responds:

Thats weird. I have no idea why I named the guy chris. Pretty crazy.