Reviews for "The Nut Job (part 2)"


I WANT MORE!!!!! and a game =D


I watched part 1 already but I think that it's better if I review it here.

Wow, the animation is very fluid and the backgrounds are beautiful. The movie overall flows pretty well.

Mmm... a giant robot and an army of squirrels... they are pretty destructive indeed.


Let's start off already:

Graphics: Do I have to repeat myself? I....like.....it! 10/10

Plot: It's a continuation of the plot. It had tons of action than the 1st part. 10/10

Sound: The quality is way better. Good job. 8/10

Overall: Just like the previous one: 10/10

I really liked it. Keep it up and there will be more "10's" for you to keep.


i love teh animation u've put in this, taali u dick head, ever thought that he could have put the flash on that site as well as here, and if he put it all as one video it would be too big! FUCKING LOSER N LIFE CUNT, taali ur probably an EMO too. FAGGOT

Great min-Series!

The squirrel version of KIDS next Door with a little Metal Gear Solid mixed in it! This was very creative and a funny story line to match! Good job man keep em coming!