Reviews for "Serving the Empire 7"


Vader: "Wasabiiii!!" 2 seconds
Right Clone: "Haa!!" 1 second
joke: pirceless
keep them come guys this is a really good series. Don't stop.

GuyzwithBongz responds:

We don't plan on stopping this series, however we are delaying it. We have other things to work on, yo!


Found that to be quite funny, seriously though, have better animation with that and it coudl be something really good.

GuyzwithBongz responds:

This is part of the reason that this is the season finaly. We currently have some better animation programs, and other scripts for video to be shot. We don't think we will make much of the animation better tho for this series. Thanks.


The graphics are as crap as ever but is totally funny and very creative. Dark Vader Rules!!! Keep it up!!! 5/5!!!

GuyzwithBongz responds:

Thanks, we think Vader rules too!

the best one

gets better with each episode this one is the best without any doubt

GuyzwithBongz responds:

If they keep getting better, then this is just the best to date!

omg that was hilarious!

wasabee! lol tin back. lal nice one. this one had so many jokes in at that theres just waaay to much to say. nice movie man. i just love it.