Reviews for "Serving the Empire 7"


bam, pa, da pam pam, God damn illigals.

To bad that didn't happen till the end

GuyzwithBongz responds:

Thanks a butt load man!


Found that to be quite funny, seriously though, have better animation with that and it coudl be something really good.

GuyzwithBongz responds:

This is part of the reason that this is the season finaly. We currently have some better animation programs, and other scripts for video to be shot. We don't think we will make much of the animation better tho for this series. Thanks.

Not bad.

Comedy was great I can tell. Though a little bit of head movement from the troopers would help. Still it was a sweet vid. Keep practicing on movements but for comedy skill keep it the way it was.

GuyzwithBongz responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We will keep in mind your sugestion. If you thought this was funny, you might like some of our other works on our site!


This movie was funny but animation couldve been better

GuyzwithBongz responds:

That is part of the joke!


Vader: "Wasabiiii!!" 2 seconds
Right Clone: "Haa!!" 1 second
joke: pirceless
keep them come guys this is a really good series. Don't stop.

GuyzwithBongz responds:

We don't plan on stopping this series, however we are delaying it. We have other things to work on, yo!