Reviews for "So... Brawl was delayed.."

lol xD

Haha, yeah I feel the same way man =[
that extra time better be worth it :D I know it will.~

Jimtopia responds:

Let's hope so.

Me too

That's how I felt. But hey, if it needs to be delayed, that's because they need more days for updates, so there will more to the game :)

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah I suppose.


I felt the same way! I was daily checkin up on it and so hyped for Feb. 10. Then my homeboy comes and tell me the delayed it...AGAIN! Man!!! WTF!! Dx

Funny flash! =D

Jimtopia responds:

lol, everyone has to find out somehow.

They keep delaying it so we get piss off.

"You see its all part of the plan" said the Joker.(R.I.P Heath Ledger)

I use this quote to point out that freaking brawl is being delayed because their making us feast upon it until we burst to loose control of ourselves impatiently.

Thank you mate i wish you luck, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow....... wheres me beer.(Wtf i'm bored)


damn straight I was mad!!! it was bull shit I was wanting to get it in December 2007 but then it was Feb. 10th so I waited until then.... but then Nintendo wanted to see me cry like a bitch so they moved it to march 9th :\ I was not happy! but now I have it and I sleep with it every night!!!
10/10 because I feel your pain!!!