Reviews for "So... Brawl was delayed.."

great video.

i loved it, i remeber how dojo was my obsesion for like a year till ssb came out and when i heard it got delayed i bugged out, those fuckers delayed it 3 times 1 of them was just so that they could change the game from japanese to english(fucking genouses). You will not understand this video unless you are one of the people who was dieing for brawl to come out and checked dojo every day. Lol good to know that i wasn't the only one feeling this way =P.

Jimtopia responds:

I was one of those avid Dojo daily checkers, I know what you mean. I'm glad I finally have the game now though.

Also, good 500th review!

XD so funny

This is nothing to HM:ToT for me... They moved it back by a month 3 times!




I grinned hard when you suddenly turned from sober to furious.

Also the explosion made me laugh


This was boring...waste of time too