Reviews for "So... Brawl was delayed.."


I don't say it would be great but it's submited on 01/15/08 so it's pretty old. I will add it to my collection (favorites) and if i keep it there unharmed until 2050 it will be worth $1000!


Very funny, but anyone could do it.

i feel ur pain

delayed-ness sux!! its like its christmas day and then ur mom says u have to wait 3 more dayz to open a present


I laughed My ass off but still, I understand. I was like, What the hell, And it was delayed again?!?!?!!?!?

NOOOO!!!! lol I have every Character now so....I'm pretty happy


Great video and i know how you feel. I almost cried when i found out it was delayed... I was checkin dojo every day. Also the video was good too.