Reviews for "So... Brawl was delayed.."

im w/ rift lol

look below


so true

Lucky me!

Im in europe so i get the pal version and it wasnt delayed at all!:D
However it took a while till it was released anyway lets get to the review:
Funny funny,oh how funny (im still glad im not in us :D ) but who cam up with that "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" thing?anyway youn get an 8!

well dude

its january 2008 now so I DONT CARE lolololol cause i ahve a wii myself buuut since i didnt now what i was really going to get for christmas sooo i was stuck with wii sports and mario kart its a shame buuut wii sports is kind of awesome and mario kart duz kind of pwn anyway Jim great flash great animation this was funny BUT i dont now why it just EXPLODED like that in the end i was like "... whaut?" anyway besides that GREAT stuff anyway bye dude happy smashing lol


same with me i didnt know it was delayed and im surprised because i got on smash dojo ALOT