Reviews for "So... Brawl was delayed.."

lol.. tru dat...

That is almost exactly how I felt when I saw that... wow...

But my B-day's in march! WOOOT!


You no how much that sucks

3rd time this happened


Its so stupid i was gonna get it for my b-day in feb but hey pushed it back.. :'(

Just awesome

I wish I could say I can relate to that but we Europeans don't even have a date to work with. But even a delay for the US means a delay for everywhere else and that sucks. So in that sense this sums it up perfectly. Seriously, short, sweet and hilarious.

Also left a comment for that kid on Youtube but he doesn't seem to be taking a hint right now. Kids are usually clueless/ignorant anyway.


I'm not into SSBB, but this video has shown our frustration for many kinds of great games that has been semmingly infinitely delayed.
I like the scribbles. Just how I felt when I heard MGS4 was delayed>_<
And uh, I spammed that kid who stole this, and theres alot of people swearing at the comment section. Man, satisfying I say.