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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Very unique and colorful

Great game man, I loved it. I would have liked a mute button so I could have kept listening to my own music but the music you had seemed to suit it well. Using a labtop touchpad to play is definitely hard but once I broke out the wacom it got easier. Some levels are definitely harder than others but for me it was one of the most addictive flash games I've played in some time. So kudos, I still can't believe there wasn't any lag.

More Fresh Air

I love seeing a great programmers utilize their skills to make great art--both in design and in gameplay. You really took it to a new level though as levels end up being a charming Polk inspired kind of art/warfare. Really really brilliant. This had good all over it.

Very nice

This is truely an amazing game and will be remember with all the other totally original and amazing games like particals and indestructo tank(ok mayby not indestructo tank but still!)
I can understand the script. I was trying to make like this before but i could not grasp all of the script needed.(mine was just a drawing game like scribble but yours is amazing!)10/10 all the way!


nice. but its easy to cheat.

now thats a drawing game!