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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Cool beans man.

Well, while there is a Etrenuating lack of beans, it was a great game, and i enjoyed playing it. Not as hard as made out, but still good.

uniquely fun

well i must say, i cannot stand these whimps who say the game is too hard. i felt it was perfect. ive beaten the game, with a lowly score of 54,380 but i found it to be FUN. the bright colors, the repetative music loop, and the crazily moving tanks and aeroplanes made this game a wild ride, and i still feel like im on some kinda acid trip. i digg it man, i digg it.


Amazing, Amazing Game. I love the fact that you had the people with tablets in mind (though I used a mouse when I tried it out) at first, a tank ran over a circle I had already drawn and when it splattered and the shape's line's reappeared I had no idea what to do, so it took me a second to realize i had to go over the paint splatter.
Then I saw the planes and couldn't figure why they weren't spreading paint (because i was clicking on them often) and then the bombs came, nice idea! It IS a bit hard, but the game is simple, and I think it's pretty original, so 10 stars for you!

It was fun...

Too bad i suck... i love Coolio's work and this is no execption.


My drawing in the 2 lasts were horrible
thanks for this fun game