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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Gets annoying fast

It isn't even fun once you get to #11. It's just really annoying. I had no desire to complete it after about a minute of it. It becomes less of an entertaining escape and more of a chore.

It was good but...

...once the red tank pops up it rapes the screen like crazy and it takes several clicks to kill them and after some frustrating chasing-clicking, several other red tanks have already appeared to add to the chaos that was already in the screen.
in short, it was fun until the red tank of doom appears


This was really painful to play very frustrating and not fun, sorry :(

It got very hard very quickly and the enemys were really annoying to click on

nice game

addicting , fun , nicley done and the music.... it great!
can you tell me the name of that song? and btw 5/5

Great but not addictive

Uh, I can see some idea going in the game, but I can't see an acceptable entertainment to keep me going! but I like new-original game so I'm giving 5pnts
Great work!