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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Very very original and challenging

Just wanna let you know that your game really blew my mind cause it was a pure creation of originality ...probably coming from your wrecked mind :D

Also, it was very challenging... maybe because I'm not artist enough like you said LOL

I really hate that kind of music tough...I mean, playing a game while doing exctasy? I dont think so !!! :P

Good work man!

New idea, simple consept, addictive play.. love it

... maybe some different songs.. or maybe.. distractiing backgrounds? small improvements needed only..

<3 PinkEmoSlayer


kinda cool...

Bit on the easy side.

At first I started drawing the shapes, but then I realised a way of cheating.... Using a Drawing Tablet and scribbling over all of them!!!! ^_^ Took ages when there were loads of enemies, but I still defeated them! Its really fun to watch all the colours being splattered arround! Good job!

not bad

it could have been better the music wasnt bad i kinda liked it but u kinda jumped the gun with the sudden 4 tanks on level 2 maybe u should have added only one or two and not so fast cuze nobody is gonna really like it much.but overall it wasn't too bad but still c'mon.