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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Great concept...

...The Game was good, and challenging later on, even though it takes a while to finish some levels, but I started experiencing some serious lag as the planes and red tanks started to come in, keeping me from destroying the enemies, having to deal with a 3 second delay... it gets really annoying when by the time you take them out (and more arrive) that you have to practicaly start over from where they wreaked havoc on your painting... And this is from running on a pretty fast computer!

I don't like it.

Sorry if I don't have enough patience, but this game is really frustrating. I couldn't get past level two! I TRY to click the enemies, but I can never hit the stupid enemies. And whenever I try to fill in a shape, the enemies will come out of nowhere and make me have to start over again. And even if I do hit one of them, the other two will quickly ruin the rest of the picture while I try to get rid of the first one. This definitely wasn't as good as some of your other games...

It's ok

This was fun for the first 30 minuts but after that I got anoyed with the game because it took too long to finish a lvl. It had good music thogh and the graphics were decent so you get an 8.


Creative and nicley done, i love the art, but it didn't do it for me for a perfect score. Good job though.


How.... great job....!
Very Creative...!