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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Very nice

This is truely an amazing game and will be remember with all the other totally original and amazing games like particals and indestructo tank(ok mayby not indestructo tank but still!)
I can understand the script. I was trying to make like this before but i could not grasp all of the script needed.(mine was just a drawing game like scribble but yours is amazing!)10/10 all the way!

Original....but still can be improved

I really like the idea of this game, but the paints are somewhat confusing when there are many 'enemies'. (sometimes, the red colour paint will 'overlap' on the pink colour paint, while the white colour 'indicator' was overlapped by both of them, so there are 3-4 colours at the same time and all of them are so bright that it's hard to differentiate.) Anyways, it's not bad, but just sometimes is a bit confusing and still can be improved with more features like powerup etc.


Blam this piece of crap!

i suck...

last two levels i had to resort to holding down the mouse button and scribbling randomly. pretty gud game, but to short.


Yawn!!! Borin