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Reviews for "Bulimia"

So uhh is that peanut butter or something?

Good artists illustrate a wide spectrum of things, including dark subjects. Dunno how this looked before you polished and completed it, but it's wonderfully rendered, especially the bile noose. Really excellent piece.

Amazing I love your paintings. I love the brush strokes and the hints of color and I also love the subject matter. I used to have anorexia and still struggle with body image issues today. I appreciate the acceptance and understanding of eating disorders and I have a lot of empathy for those who do struggle.

zephyo responds:

thanks :) Definitely. Congrats for recovering! It is definitely something that is not acknowledged as it should be.

Pretty sad actually

Wow, very clean-cut, graphic, even. I'd like a less blurry aesthetic in some portions, but the fingers and nose grabbed my attention immediately. Wanting a little more crisp on the eyes, some more grit to the vomit -- but otherwise, beautiful piece.