Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

=] This makes me happy

good stuff

Sounds good to me

I loved it. Screw the negativity. It was kind of lengthy. Funny parts here and there. Im glad i saw this on the front page :)

i believe you

lol i believe its all one layer, just got lots of symbols :D anyway very entertaining, some of those color ones were pretty trippy which was nice

only ONE layer??

but what about the person who uses a block that had a fixed color like in chowder?
he also had the front ground move, and the background didn't move!
kinda like on a myspace. But all the other pieces were probably one layer.
biggest question........HHHHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWW???????????????????


lol i liked that a real lot because it looked like that the animators were showing off with what they could do with only 1 layer especially that 1 with the brick thing doing the stunts off everything, and yeah they were all sealed in seperate movieclips thats how you got it to look like there was more than 1 layer, but was really great