Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

Wow Marc!

Turned out way better than I thought. I thought my parts would never come,but it turned great! Too bad my fourth part didn't fit,but it's cool :)

Glad to be part of this,keep it cool



I didn't think it was too long, although i do agree that some parts are embarrassing to watch because of how bad they are, and others are like 'OMFG NO WAI COULD THT B 1 LAYAR'. Overall it was very enjoyable to watch, and theres almost no doubt that this is going on front page. Good job to everyone who took part in it.

not bad

not bad it was pretty good with the randomness too


this flash deserves more then third place 5/5 all the way ill make sure i give you 5es everyday. well done to all 21 artists


black-ravens = pwn
but seriously, flash in one layer = deth........or a REALLLY REALLY LONG-ASS TIME SPENT DRAWING!!!

MarcyVF responds:

You said it, thanks!