Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

quite em .....boring

a bit repetitive
guys getting killed or hit
music feels sleepy
and animations well..................need work

it was like never ending

P.s. dont say this is a bad review cause im honnest


This really wasn't that great. Most of the animation was blam material. You could do some good frame by frame on one layer, but these are just movieclips on top of eachother that happen to be on the same layer. Try something like, the No Motion Tween Collab. That would actually be worth watching, and exclude most of the crap animators on Newgrounds.
And I realize the helpful or nonhelpful review buttons are turning into the Youtube "rate if this is an fake-nice comment with no meaning whatsoever :3" buttons so this is probably gonna be voted negative. Whatever.
Try again, but try harder.


why is this removed from the front page? SO FAST?!!!

wow pretty inpreseve that rocks


MarcyVF responds:

Thanks! Tiny reviews are in, huh? :P



pretty cool