Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

Fancy-in-all, but wheres Marcy's?

I wanna see some awesome SHIT! :(


Loved it. Great job, awesome music, great layout.

ppl givin u crap but...

ppl are givin u crap, but i think that it was very impressive. Im sorta learnin how to do flash and i know how hard it is to do something with just one layer. and it was funny. But wat i wanna know is how many frames was it?


I was honestly extremely disappointed.
A lot of the parts weren't quality.
Sorry. :(

Can't say I enjoyed this very much

First off, NEVER, EVER use röyksopp when you have to run it through such a rough compression. Their music is very dynamic and relies heavily on the small details, this gets lost when compressing it this heavily. Most of the sound effects also sounded terrible (waaay to loud). Uhm yeah, on to the actual animation.
Well, to be crude, this reminded me of a daily toon. In the way that it seemed like you just crammed lots of blammable material into a single flash just to make sure it would pass judgement. It had some gems, but they got lost in all the rubbish. Specially when all the bad stuff was so long and the good stuff was so short. I'd suggest some tighter collab leadership next time. This idea just seems pointless when you were able to just put movieclips on top of eachother. Maybe next time (if there will be a next time) you should also make a universal theme for the entries so it doesn't become a simulation of swapping through random TV-channels with 90% crap.

Better luck next time.