Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

Not one layer.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a working pre loader with one layer.

Only one layer?

This was a very mixed colab. My question is, How did you create a mask with only one layer? And symbols on top of symbols... That's layering... Nice try though. Keep at it and goodluck to everyone.


I enjoyed this. I liked the music and how everything went smoothly after one another. Good job, looking forward to other works!

Really well done!

Hard to belive its all done in one layer!


A pretty nice collab. Too bad only some parts are truly made the way they should be - in one layer, whilest others obviously are using symbols. Theres no point in making a one layer collab if youre using symbols.
You are, aren't you?

MarcyVF responds:

We userd symbols, yes, but only with one layer inside, of cource. It's not called the One Layer FBF Collab... :)