Reviews for "Draw 4 Music - STWPT"

it wasn't very good

I didn't like it because it wasn't very good is why try harder

It's Great!

It's an easy play game. Very creative. And the song is very interesting.

It was alright.

It's a little glitchy when you lose, and it isn't that addicting, but it's alright, and it kept my interest for a while. Keep up the good work.

Cool, just nothing really visually interesting

The game is nice, and although it's not really addictive to me but I'm sure most people will play it for a while. All the things in the game work great and there's no real flaws that I notice.

Even so, there's almost nothing visually interesting to look at while you're doing this, it's just a long red line moving everywhere with green sqaures falling every 5 seconds. If you could add some thing to actually make the game look more interesting, like a background or some trippy effects, the game will possibly keep my interest for a longer time the end of the 2nd song.

interesting concept

but it gets boring quickly....