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Reviews for "Lonely Friday Nights"


Its not your best...I liked it, but it wasnt very good compared to your other aniamtions. But the background was awesome, the music was well suited, its just the movements that were a bit wierd. Nice work overall. Nice loop.
If Im not mistaken, thats Wu13, right?

Liquidsword responds:

Nah thats called wu clone based off of wuerte. Just a stk I like using. Movements were weird because I was struggling to think of them. Its not like a fight, which you've done a thousand times and know how to set it up.



That's awesome, I gotta give you props for doing dancing it pivot, it's tough.
The background was great, too, if you did in in pivot.
My only complaint is that there were a few shaky movements, but that's coo' :D

Liquidsword responds:

Bk was flash. Good thing your cant edit review scores!

... or can you? Thanks


It was an alright animation, but was shaky, you also should've warned us that it looped other wise someone would be watching that for hours saying, why the hell is he doing the same moves? Overall I like it but the foor placement was offtrack and it was not the standard you usually animate in, good job though.

Liquidsword responds:

Thanks. Loops are good cause it can turn a 700 frame animation into 1400... But yah, the whole deceiving nature of it is kinda evil. lol


Jon you must've had a lonely friday night yourself as well

Liquidsword responds:

Havn't we all?


extremely nice animating... but it was repetative and on a loop as far as i could tell... and the moves werent all that good either... at some points it looks like he was about to throw up and give birth and run away from zombies

Liquidsword responds:

I agree, there were some parts that really sucked. I've never animated a dancing stick figure before, guess thats to be expected.