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Reviews for "Lonely Friday Nights"


wow that must of been really hard to make..or not, you are really good at making pivot movies im having a hard time moving the legs while moving the whole body with it anyway keep it up.


i like your pivot animations


This is nice. First time I've acctually seen you on Newgrounds. Also, why don't you submit the animation like 'New York 2148' here or 'The Headchoper' or something. You'll probably get more people that way on droidz.org. Overall 9.5/10
PS I'm Halo2007111 on Droidz Forum

guy from darkdemon

So jon is on newground.Well I'm therealsora from darkdemon.yeah the one who wants you in my collab still asking heh.well nice vid.I see the wu got bored huh.LOL

I like it

I always enjoy your animations.
But as the others said, this isn't your best. And I could see some places where the feet were a little twitchy.
Good anyway, I know how hard dance movements are in Pivot.

Liquidsword responds:

amen brotha