Reviews for "Scribbler (DemiDraw)"


Better than Paint, and in just 22 KB!
I liked being able to select the number of sides a shape had

You could combine it with an original game concept to make a good game

Not bad.

It was good, not great, but good, it had some good features, like the ability to make the fill change gradually from one colour to another. good job.

Like paint...

It's like a flash version of paint, sans some of paints features. I really like the functionality. However, I'd like to see the menu improved, because at times it was hard to switch between certain functions. Otherwise, I thought it was awesome, and a great concept.

Daioh responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it's ment to be slightly better then paint though.

I don't have a pencil for the computer.

If I had a touchscreen that had a pen thing I would enjoy this, but I don't. Compared to paint and such this is decent. However the instructions are not very clear.

This ain't a game but alright.

For me it takes time getting use to but this will be alright for pictionary games. Well both of you did what you can and as a man that loves to draw this works well for everybody that can practice mouse drawing.

Daioh responds:

:) thanks again