Reviews for "Inuyasha Flash Game"

LOL There is no secrect botten

I even used forward theres isnt a sercret botten so i bascly cheated theres no way to win it ends right there i used my best when on cheating with out hacking. So you would have to get the guiys that basicly made that part to remake it and give you the answer o and i can give you the ways there
First do the cuddle
Then see ether one you have to touch sesshomero if you chose that and touch the leg if you chose kagome
then kill the tiny green guy and burn his head
o and be friendly too i almost fergot
and i dont know the part with the bird and tiger.
Thanks for choseing camerons cheats.


u cant win no its inuyasha button


Funny dude! What the hell was Sesshomaru doing?? He wears girl clothes! And where's the 'CHOP' sound? That's a cool graphics u got there.. not bad..


Bad graphics but the Jaken part is hilarious.... BERZERKER!!!! Chop JakenĀ“s head off!!!

super-sucky grapics

id say you need work on the graphics...BIG time...