Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"


Hands down madflex fucking OWNED.


I can't decide on a winner cause you were both sick. Just wanted to leave a review saying sweet competition and a great battle to finish it on. Awesome stuff!


Wow, I can't even believe how unbelieved awesome this rap was, guys. Great job!
Ok, so MadFLeX was awesome with some flow that really matched up. Gasmasq was okay when it came to flow, but I think he hit a lot harder. I don't know though, Gasmasq didn't sound right this time. Not sure what it was, but he didn't sound like he usually does.
Still, loved both of you guys, but I think I would have to give this one to Gas.


he kicked all sorts of ass

Wow. Don't battle!

You two shouldn't be battling. You two should be making music together. The epic tag team Flex and Masq. You two would be unstoppable. Flex's verses are hard, and Masq is just potent. Masq uses alot of words I never heard of. You two just need to make an album! Let me know when it's out there though. I'll buy it!