Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"

MadFlex V1 - Fancy a-a hype filler, name diss, Hazardous Materials diss, philosophy diss, mayor diss, Nimbus/Cynic name drop, transitive property diss, fake accent diss. Damn. Wow. Consistent flow and look at all those goddamn punches. Couldn't make out the 'attach and you're on your ass crack' line.

Gasmasq V1 - Nice transitive property flip but lacking in clarity (saddest of the variables is constants or class of the variables?), nice letter/better/clever follow-up, addressing the redundancy of MadFlex's rhyme scheme is great, attacks a majority of his bars in one fell swoop, nice name diss, only hip hop in this competition, didn't understand the ass crack flip (see above), master of ceremonies seemed a little awkward and broke the flow. Overall great verse, stayed on subject TENACIOUSLY. Each bar felt it had relevance to the last one for the majority of the verse.

MadFlex V2 - Immediate re-flip of the transitive property line, star overnight is another great flip, publicist, open mic, cracker diction (repeated from previous verse, uh...), alt account diss, Skype diss, something quick about Grim that I didn't catch, algebra (didn't he already flip that line at the beginning?), homeless diss. Hard verse, still consistent, a few personals and some flips this time.

Gasmasq V2 - Runs off beat a little bit. Name diss is a personal but kind of weak, tampon line is okay but seems a little late, it belonged in the first verse. 'Took another rapper's name' should have either been next to the first name diss or left out entirely. Live with your parents is a weak diss since he just attacked you for being HOMELESS. Wastes a few bars on closing the battle.

Gasmasq put up a hell of a fight but dropped the ball a bit on the second verse and overall MadFlex buried Gas in his own dirt. Top battle though.

It's GOTTA go to MadFLeX, fo' sure...!!! T' hell with more or less cusswords... This sh*t is called BATTLE rappin' FOR A REASON! Gasmasq is good, BUT MadFLex really does bring his "A game" to the mic. Also, TOTAL props to DJ-Deliquent, keepin' the beat simple, but hard and effective. Out.

MadFLeX go harrddd

MadFLeX fo' Sure! He go freakin' hard. Gasmasq's verses were cool but the 4th verse was kinda wack but other than that, thats sicckkk. MadFLeX won for sure!


No doubt in my mind. Delivery was better albeit with poorer audio quality. Doesn't matter in my mind though. He killed it.

Props to DJ-Delinquent for the beat. I'll keep following you wherever you go.


To be honest, both of them are quite good. But I'm gonna give my vote to gasmasq, imo, he has double the style with half the cursing ... xD
And yah.... gasmasq last verse killed hard - gotta love his style.