Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"

This is really close.

Seriously, this is definitely the greatest battle. Gas, I doubted you but you did not let me down. I feel like Gas has the punches and content, Flex had the fucking flow.
Gas, I had some trouble understanding a few of your bars. The transit of property line sounded like you were just reciting a definition.
Flex, your second verse was hard. It was funny, but still hard as fuck.
Masq, your second was also hard and you shit all over Flex. My complaint is you didn't record your verse in one take.
I really can't take a pick at who wins, you guys just entertained the fuck out of newgrounds. Awesome job to both of you guys, and to Red for the organizing.
Red hyped this thing up a shit load and made it so epic.

OMMMGGG gasmasq

respect to both rappers on this track, but id have to say that Gasmasq brought everything he had in that second verse. GOD DAMN. thats the best verse i think ive ever heard Gasmasq spit. Madflex had insane flow but i still give it the masq.



Wow, I can't even believe how unbelieved awesome this rap was, guys. Great job!
Ok, so MadFLeX was awesome with some flow that really matched up. Gasmasq was okay when it came to flow, but I think he hit a lot harder. I don't know though, Gasmasq didn't sound right this time. Not sure what it was, but he didn't sound like he usually does.
Still, loved both of you guys, but I think I would have to give this one to Gas.


MadFLeX I think won this, but both MC's did great.


This battle was amazing. I am giving it to Madflex, because he kept up the speed of his flow. Gas is usually the better MC when it comes to keeping on time with the beat, but he slipped up a couple of times because of the speed. Both of them are amazing, and I hope they compete again next year.