Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"

madflex, stability

i got to say gas did great and definitely held his weight. he stayed consistently rhyming getting more intense throughout the track. it was like madflex started on fire with a rock solid first verse and kinda eased up on the second verse, like not as much clever written lines as in the first one.

that being said, flex's spitting is just finesse and in my opinion delivery and cadence is at least 50% or more of rapping. i dont care too much about what the lyricists are saying cause i dont always agree with what their saying, (it is a battle i guess) but their skill and creativity is what im judging. that makes flex the winner to me by having content and delivery.

gas is very intelligent and creative in his lyrics, but i think flex matches and surpasses him in this track.

MadFLeX wins

He went hard man. He deserves to win


madflex spoke the truth.....lol


Give it up to my n***a MadFLeX


The battle was sick hands down

Beat was on point Red hyped up the track well

This had my head nodding but as far as a winner goes I'm indecisive
The main reason is both emcee hit where it counted and both had different elements of emceeing that counted
MadFLex murder his name
When I heard MadFLex's first verse I was anxious to hear GasMasq's reply
which was good but GasMasq lacked a bit of delivery, he made up for it with punches tho and made me feel as if the first Verses were a tie

MadFLex's deliviery was on point the whole time and that'll keep a crowds head nodding although GasMasq had nice punches his flow stopped my head from bobbin' which is bad but I ain't hating cuz he murdered the beat

I had to listen to this a couple of time as I wrote this review

now the Second Verses
MadFLex didnt come as hard but had some nice punches
I thought it was funny when he threw in "Call KOA for pity votes"
all in all a good verse with some comedy thrown which is good in a battle.

GasMasq flowed alot better in the second verse had my head noddin like hell yeah muhfucka! lol
A bit loud tho but I aint complaining, I loved how ya did your homework on FLex and found he "could have" bit the name from a Turkish rapper.

It's not like I count as a voter but this was too ill not to break it down

I vote for MadMasq HAH!