Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"


MadFLeX spitted out Some freakin' Godly rhymes....
GasmasQ nice rhymes too, but You sounded way Too much "I'm The Bad Boy, N***ah!"
and Both MCs spitted godly... And I still don't know Who I decide....
Well, i'm not gonna judge "who I think that is the coolest". Let's Get Into
the fire therapy of Voting!
When breathing, get your mouth out of The Mic. It annoyed me a little bit. At every phrase you said, you stopped. It was like last year, the worst battle of the last year:
"Gasmasq vs RetributionVox".

GasmasQ: 8,5
MadFLeX: 9,1
Vote: MadFLeX

The hardest vote to votest.

I'm not sure what the fuck to say about this battle that hasn't already been said.
Both emcees went down swingin hard and as a follower of the BBS I really wish Gasmasq's second verse was let into the cut. It would have proved for a bigger apex in the second half of this song. But it is what it is.
Madflex took him on flow.
I give Gas points for being a person trying something different with hip hop.
I'm going to place my vote for Gasmasq on this one.

This is where it all comes to...

...and I am far from disappointed. I'm glad to not only see the two semifinalists I voted for reach the finals, but also to hear such a hands-down amazing battle between two MCs who obviously, beyond a shadow of a doubt, deserve to be here. Congratulations to both of you. If there could be two winners, you two would have earned it. But there can only be one at the top. So...here we go.

Currently on the second listen...

MadFLeX, amazing opening. You had great flow and hit a hard punch. Punch after punch after punch, in fact. It was amazing. Way to save your hardest verses for the final. It's like you knew you would make it here. Loved it.

Gasmasq, what can I say? You've hit harder in your battles than I think should be legally allowed. Just saying. It's like you were born to bash MCs and crash parties.

Third listen now...

Flow: MadFLeX
Technicality: Gasmasq
Clarity: MadFLeX
Hard Hits: Both

Final: I'm giving this to MadFLeX. You caught my attention from Battle 1, and I love love LOVE this battle. You've earned it. Both of you do, but MadFLeX gets my vote. Congrats!


Chea MadFLeX FTW!


Wow! The last battle. I want to thank all the participants for putting on a great show, and having the balls to get judged and criticized by people who probably aren't even on their level (like me :D).

V1: MadFLeX came in hard as fuck on the first verse. Hyped up like a motherfucker. Closed it off great too.
"just hide behind the mask cuz it ain't safe to come out yet."

V2: "The worst that you can say about me is better than you'll ever do."
"You have zero videos to question."
"I'll handle the flex and you'll just be mad when the track is finished."

V3: Again, nice opening and closing. "I'll say you're fucking garbage, thank me later for the upgrade."
"My last 3 conflicts got more hits than your shotty discography."

V4: It was cool, but there wasn't a strong punch on this one. I like the exit though.

MadFLex went in hard in the first verse. He always went in hard and left with a bang on both verses. Flow was off the chain too. Gasmasq made a good exit on the last verse.
Nice Battle.
Good luck to both of you.
MadFLex FTW.