Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"

awsome man!!!

this shoulde be on cd man!!!

Hardest decision.

Normally, I'd vote FLeX. Considering, he's amazing. But, Gasmasq did really, really, well on this one. I'm going have to give my vote to FLeX though. I think he deserves to win.


madflex did really well on this one. dayum this was a great battle!


I'n voting for Gas, can't really explain why at the moment because my screen goes to sleep within a minute and a half of starting up. Either of you can hit me up when I get a new computer and I'll say why I though Gas won.

This is how the finals should be

Man it is too hard to choose. Both of these guys were direct with their insults, which I like. But I gotta hand this one to FLeX. Some of his lines just had me saying "damn" This one pretty much came down to that, a few of his punches where just too dope.